Jen and Ben believe in giving things another go, and so should you. Here’s our cheat sheet of repair resources to renew and revive your beloved and or useful pieces.

The Bower

Screw chucking out stuff – let’s fix them! Bower holds various workshops for non-repairers to learn from repairers on how to repair things. And for the busy bees with no time to DIY, they offer drop-off paid services to fix your things. Now you’re in the know - no excuses.

Marrickville, Redfern, Summer Hill
Bronte Sewing Room

There’s something super sensible in knowing how to work with a needle and thread. This sewing room has workshops for all ages, abilities, purposes and practices. Lead by experienced and enthusiastic teachers, develop your sewing skills one stitch at a time.

Chair Repair School

We’ve found a match made in restoration heaven: an upholsterer and woodworker who run chair repair workshops in Sydney and beyond. Hands-on and very practical, this is the ultimate in chair-apy. BYO chair and learn to fix those deep-seated issues. No previous experience required.

Various Locations
Cycle Re-cycle Club

The Cycle Re-cycle Club has a simple cycle policy; they’ll equip you with tools, parts and know-how to help you fix and maintain your own bike, and in exchange they ask that you keep the goodwill going by gearing up others with tricks of the trade. 


A free, online platform connecting fixer-up-erers of all interests and inclinations. From lessons to local repair events, knowledge sharing to tool lending, this is a community flying the flag that if we get onto the repairing bus, the future is fixable.


Take repair into your own hands. ifixit is the world’s largest online repair community for e-devices. You’ll find access to tools, parts and step-by-step repair guides for all sorts of electronic makes and models. Can you fix it? Yes you can… with ifixit.

Local Shoe Repairers

Every burb’s got one. A crafty cobbler who lives for repairing and restoring shoes - get to know your person. From resoling to heel replacements, colour to buckle updates, fixing your footwear is a sure way to lighten your eco-footprint.

Various Locations
Nudie Jeans

Going Nudie means never giving up on your denims. Whether you’re already a Nudie devotee or looking to become one - when your Nudie Jeans need repairing, give ‘em a wash and head to their repair store, and through their Free Repairs Forever program, they’ll get ‘em looking brand Nudie again.

Various Locations

Patagonia is all about keeping your gear in action. From re-waterproofing jacket shells to patching insulation and more, check out their DIY repair videos. For the less adventurous, take your apparel to a Patagonia Repair hub, where they’ll repair Patagonia gear for free and other brands for a small fee.

Online & In-store
Repair Cafe Sydney

Break the buy, use, toss cycle. Located in the Lower North Shore and part of the Global Repair Cafe Association (yes, it’s a thing) you’ll find tools, materials and people to help you repair all sorts of things. Open the first and second Sunday of each month, teatime optional.  

Lane Cove
Robots and Dinosaurs

They call it a makerspace: a communal space to work on collaborative projects and share the cost of some great tools. And great tools are a plenty; for metalwork, woodwork, handwork and even autonomous work. Check them out every Saturday. 

Sew Make Create

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, Sew Make Create offers workshops and classes to get you stitching and seaming. Sewing machines are also available for casual hire at their studio. This is a pin pal worth keeping in your contact list.


Darn it! Learn how to mend and patch rips, holes or stains with these easy access, on demand video workshops by waste-free textile brand Seljak (no sewing experience required). Your clothes and the planet will thank you.

Sydney Community College

Repair, don’t despair! Here’s how to brush up on basic home fixes; a 2-day workshop at the Sydney Community College learning useful and safe ways to get repairing at home yourself. From drilling to tiling, they’ll teach you how to DIY like a boss, no sweat. 


Be wheely prepared. Learn how to handle on-road repairs before you hit the road. Sydney Park Cycling Centre and Bikewise offer courses to get you up to speed on quick fixes and tune-ups for your ride. This is one way to inflate your cycling ego.

St Peters
  • Take note of what organisations do and don’t do

  • Be mindful of any guidelines or rules they may have 

  • Engage with people and spaces respectfully

  • Reach out to organisations directly with any questions

  • Being an all-rounder takes tinkering - when that can’t be bothered feeling washes over you, ask yourself what would Greta do?