Round and Round is a call to join the circular loop and further a more sustainable Sydney.
Say boo to bad habits and woohoo to unwasting pursuits

Our research into the problemo (more on our socials) told us that Australians need to be making better choices when it comes to personal consumption and household waste. So, we thought we’d use our handicrafts to stir some social change in our hometown Sydney. We’re just getting started.

Our principles full circle

Did you know the Australian Government has committed to a Circular Economy by 2030 and reducing waste per person by 10%? (though we think we can do better). We need to get moving.


Let’s make the most of what we already own, and what we as a collective community hold. Let’s minimise waste and landfill. It’s not only good sense, it does the world good.


We want to take the chore and bore out of making better choices when it comes to individual consumption and waste. We’ve collected, we’ve created - you’re welcome.

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